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What is Research Solutions, Inc.?

Research Solutions is a well-established and nationally/internationally recognized multi-faceted organization focusing on:

Threats and Frauds – Research Solutions is dedicated to helping companies and organizations of any size fight the eternal battle against threats and frauds. For more than thirty years, we have watched frauds and threats evolve, and we have been directly involved in resolving many high-profile cases in many industries. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to identify your company’s vulnerable areas, create plans and policies to minimize the potential for frauds and threats, and minimize the damage if they do occur.

General Business Needs and Disciplines – From accounting and tax management to budgeting and business strategies, your business needs policies, procedures and a working system that will be successful for your company. From simple, day-to-day requirements to sophisticated procedures and evaluations, none of these is taken for granted or treated as ordinary at RSI. Our clients’ businesses are all unique, as are their goals and objectives. There is no such thing as “ordinary.”

Specialized Areas and Essential Requirements – Whether examining the opportunity to buy a new or on-going business, or determining what steps to take with a struggling business, RSI can provide a thorough and complete analysis, resulting in clear and understandable answers and solutions. Our policy is simple: “We tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.” Not all news is good, but sugar-coating serious issues can spell disaster.

Our Client Mission Statement (CMS) is:

1. To establish necessary policies, systems and procedures resulting in best reasonable efforts to keep a client’s business minimally exposed to risk.

2. If a client’s business is struggling, research and determine a proactive course of action that can be clearly understood and implemented based on validated and supported facts.

3. To keep a client’s businesses out of trouble, this requires a company to adopt policies, strategies, systems and procedures that will be followed, maintained, updated and properly taught to all levels of employees and management.

4. To help the client’s business grow at a rate and manner that is controlled, planned and monitored. Moreover, it is managed from a proactive planning methodology, not a “from-the-hip” reactive operation.

5. To help the client’s business make more revenue, which simply means constantly examining how the client’s business operates within the industries or services it provides to the public and private sectors. It also means learning to develop truly accurate business strategies and intelligence which can be assessed and analyzed on an ongoing basis. Finally, it means honestly assessing the client’s industry, including the competition, in order to assess the issues and operations that can be improved by the client.

6. To provide true cost accounting, justification analysis and modeling to honestly assess if a client’s business and its present structure, method of operation, and production / service costs truly have a break-even point that can be clearly defined and worked with. Without this single component, companies are working totally blind or guessing their way through the day-to-day operations and competitive marketplace. This is an open invitation for disaster.

7. To optimize the savings of revenue made / acquired by our clients. This area incorporates tax planning, budgeting, forecasting and objective planning. It incorporates all facets of the client’s business operation and is examined first as the “big” picture–not micro-managing items and losing focus on the overall objectives.  It also means learning to adapt to a volatile and constantly changing marketplace.

8. To have clients recognize and implement preventative, proactive policies, and systems and procedures to identify potential risk issues so WHEN they happen, the client can mitigate the damages and effects efficiently and quickly. Too many companies have no disaster plan in place, let alone the systems, procedures and policies required to implement them when needed. The RSI strategy takes into account ALL aspects of the organization’s operations, whether it is a small business, a multi-national corporation, or a public agency/holding.

9. To educate the client so they can educate their own people on the need to maintain current, accurate and applicable business planning strategies, policies and the objectives of the client’s business operation as a whole. This is a company/organization-wide objective that is a perpetual task of management and those who formulate/implement company policies. This is not a one-time event. It means adapting to the ever-changing business world/environment and must be considered a mandatory requirement of ALL businesses and service-oriented operations.

10. To approach each client as a unique entity and unique needs, and examining solutions NOT from a textbook perspective, but as a case-by-case examination. No two businesses are alike.

There are often specific requirements, standards and regulations that must be met and followed; however, when it comes to all other needs and demands on / within the client’s operation, RSI approaches them from a perspective that is NOT outside the box, or inside the box. There is NO box with the Research Solutions approach, nor should any business entity ever embrace such a limited and restricted philosophy.

The solutions required for each individual client require a totally individual approach, examination and evaluation specific to the client–not by historical guidelines established by standards that go obsolete or that change every few days, especially with the volatility of the marketplace and the global picture as a whole.

It makes no difference the “size” of the business, or the “volume” of services or goods provided. The marketplace in ALL industries and professions is a fluid one. It is constantly changing, and therefore Research Solutions must constantly adapt and re-assess established methodology to make sure it is still valid and applicable before we even think of applying it as a solution to a client’s needs.

At Research Solutions, Inc., we have to constantly challenge, test and question established protocols, procedures and methodology because these things WILL change. This is PROACTIVE methodology. If we bring this to our clients and expect them to embrace it within their own operation, we must never “assume” that what worked for one client will work just as effectively for another in the same industry or profession.

There is no permanent template of solutions that is universal and successful to all clients, except the one that constantly challenges itself; re-assesses its objectives and the required results needed; and that can adapt when it WILL be required to do so.

Why Choose Research Solutions?

THREATS and FRAUDS to a business exist in many forms and can be amazingly complex. Yet their ultimate effects are always brutally simple: lost revenues, lost or damaged property, injury or loss of life, and ultimate destruction of the business.

LARGE OR SMALL, no business is immune to threats and frauds. Larger businesses have a higher number of potential threats and frauds. Small businesses have fewer potential threats and frauds, but the damage from just one instance can be crippling.

INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, threats and frauds can come from anywhere.

SLOW OR FAST, threats and frauds can bleed a company dry over many years, or strike on a major scale so quickly that all hope of containment is lost, and chaos ensues while management watches helplessly.

DELIBERATE OR ACCIDENTAL? Threats and frauds are always deliberate. Accidental losses can occur, but this falls into the realm of negligence.

HUMAN OR MACHINE? Machines may be used, but threats and frauds always originate with humans.

PROACTIVE OR REACTIVE? Most companies choose to be proactive in confronting threats and frauds, but the crucial question is: To what extent? The robustness of a company’s anti-threat/anti-fraud program can mean the difference between survival and failure.

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY ANTI-THREAT/ANTI-FRAUD PROGRAM IS WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE? That’s where Research Solutions comes in. Our consultation will provide you with a clear picture of your current anti-threat/anti-fraud position, what changes need to be made, and how much it will cost.

RSI has experience built on threat and fraud assessments for numerous medium- and large-size businesses, including high-profile cases such as Enron and WorldCom. With more than three decades in the threat and fraud assessment field, RSI is uniquely qualified to help you and your organization in assessing your threat/fraud position, and in developing realistic, workable policies and systems to help you confront and control these ever-present challenges.

SINK OR SWIM? The choice is yours. Contact Research Solutions today and inquire about a consultation.