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Liedtke Studio

California, United States

Liedtke Studio is a full service, creative design research and development company founded by Gabriele Liedtke in 2005.

After graduating 2 years early through advanced educational classes, Gabriele Liedtke pursued medical training, graduating as a Certified EMT, while studying for her Masters Degree in Fine Art. Arriving in Los Angeles, California in the early 1990’s, she enhanced her creative career with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and a Certificate for Outstanding Performance from Platt College in Newport Beach, California.

Gabriele Liedtke has been previously employed in several marketing departments of fortune 500 companies as well as well-known institutions including Newport Electronics, Sharp Electronics and Sybron Dental Specialties International.

10 years before launching Liedtke Studio in 2005, Gabriele started as Marketing Communications Specialist, Gabriele advanced from the position of Art Director and then to Director of Media and Promotional Content. Gabriele was responsible for all creative aspects of the marketing department(s) as well as the directing of their advertising media and artwork strategies in conjunction with the physical development and execution of the appropriate artwork and design applications.

Now, Liedtke Studio enjoys the recognition of being one of the top creative design/advertising media companies in the US serving a large selection of well-rounded industries, institutions and service-oriented businesses with the responsibility of all aspects of art, media, and visual promotional requirements.

Preforming, “from scratch”, advertising, branding and print collateral, as well as (live feed/video/streaming video) presentations, website and social / graphic media content, and of course all medical / technical and other illustration needs, Gabriele can clearly understand the client’s needs and translate those needs into a universal language of outstanding artwork, graphic design and the proper balance of written layouts that the public can truly identify with as well as “get the results and point across visually.

Liedtke Studio is much, much more than just an art or graphic design studio.

Liedtke Studio, along with Gabriele’s proven skills, can identify what the client requires by first understanding the nature of client’s business or service, and then being able to provide a visual solution that contains the artwork, graphic design and copy that seamlessly flows together.

Liedtke Studio’s finished works are not just exceptionally effective “eye catchers”, but it educates those who see it in a way potential customers will remember – and where presentations can truly make their point without losing them in the sea of “pages of printed material”.

Liedtke Studio looks forward to its continued success and we are pleased to provide a cursory list of services that can be found on our website at

For more info please contact us directly at: phone:  949.270.6028 or email:


Gabriele Liedtke
Director of Art and Media Development
Liedtke Studio

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