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Accounting/Taxes/Finances is the nerve center of the checks and balances and cash flow that runs everything from what we buy to companies that manufacturers everything from pharmaceuticals to aircraft.

It includes the mechanisms that run countries from collecting taxes and monies to utilize in a massive budget that is designed to economically feed the infrastructure day-to-day. The processes are complex and require exceptional knowledge and understanding, especially in light that the regulations, laws and procedures are constantly changing. It is a matter of also using well-established methodologies, systems and procedures which address accounting and the methods of documenting and recording transactions, tracking costs, maintaining payrolls and monitoring the overall financial operations of what takes place. From individuals maintaining their own checkbook and ledger, to major corporations performing cost accounting and budgeting, all of them have a common denominator in methods of operation and the various tax laws that would apply to each and every person and company. The purpose of this section is to better understand how these procedures and protocols take place as well as the laws that regulate each individual operation. From regulatory bodies to our own tax laws, the fields of accounting, taxes and finances is a massive undertaking to learn, but more important how to apply them correctly. It is also important to understand it since it is the number one source prone to frauds and threats. There is no way to address the crimes of fraud without understanding the target it focuses on, that being accounting, taxes and finance.

“Penny Stock Scams and their Operations”

  “Penny Stock Scams and their Operations”       Published ©2014 Research Solutions, Inc. Published ©2010-2014 RSI/Dr. Mark D. Lurie       “Penny Stock Scams and their Operations”   Penny stocks scams are making their rounds as usual at the beginning of the half-way point of the year More >

“Research – What it really takes to Hunt for Valid Information”

In a formal court video closed-door hearing, an Assistant Prosecutor (AP) is performing a direct examination and challenge of a Forensic Expert Witness (EW), whose expertise is in evidence reconstruction. The issue is regarding a potential conflict of interest as well as information supplied to the court by the EW. More >

Online Gaming Frauds – Part1″

“On-line Gaming Frauds – PART-1” Published ©2010-2013 Dr. Mark D .Lurie/RSI (all rights reserved) Published ©2014 Dr. Mark D. Lurie/RSI (all rights reserved) Another area or serious frauds that businesses and consumers alike fall prey to, is internet on-line gaming fraud (e.g. Massive (or Massively) Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games, More >

Cellular Phone Credit Card Swiping Devices – A Disaster Asking to Happen

With the advent of mobile computing, smart phones and a number of tablets, it was a matter of time that purchasing would be able to move to the next level that being a clip-on credit card swipe device.   Typically, a phone order would require an “oral” reply to credit More >

Threat, Fraud and Risk Management – What does it Really Mean?

  Threat, Fraud and Risk Management – What does it Really Mean? I. Risk Management – The “definition” of Risk Management has been slowly, but steadily compromised over the past two decades. Most don’t even understand what it means and uses the phrase improperly to define other disciplines which have More >