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• WorldCom – Coordinator & advisor for tactical planning of private sector operations to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) & Department of Justice (DoJ). Coordinated the preservation of specifically-identified located evidence. Case builder & researcher for civil recoveries.


• Enron – Responsible for International validation of accounting misrepresentations (accountancy fraud) & tracking of monies transferred to off-shore entities & its final disposition, specifically that of Dynegy, Inc., Puerto Quetzal Power Project (Guatemala), Northern Marianas Power Project (Guam) & Cuiaba Integrated Project (Brazil). Prepared & presented findings as well More >


• BCCI – (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) – Accepted as the single, largest global criminal operation incorporating numerous illegal activities & fraud on a multi-billion dollar level. Responsible for the tactical planning, investigation methodology & management of specific task force(s) (e.g. Anti-Money-Laundering activities) & investigative teams both domestically More >

Tulsa County, Oklahoma Landmark Internet Stalking Prosecution

District Court of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, United States -2005. Research Solutions was hired as chief expert witness and for research services in this landmark case. Established damages for Internet espionage and stalking of an individual and the business operations of the individual; sustained judgment exceeded $1.4M. This case More >