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Firearms is an area of focus for our company since we work within the law enforcement and defense contracting fields.

Granted, it is not the typical area seen in fields of those who perform research and development, especially that of fraud and threat assessment; however that is dramatically changing since firearms (both civilian and military) are finally acknowledged as a major “asset” that carries the same weight as any commodity or valuable merchandise. It also plays a major role in the economies of countries. From the actual, physical firearms, to parts and ammunition. All are considered within a realm that requires not only the understanding of a major, dominate industry, but one the constantly changes and evolves. It is a multi-billion dollar industry were sales and production constantly increases. For law enforcement, it is a matter of being able to have a resource to go to learn about the best products and equipment in the firearm forum. For government entities, it is a matter of learning fact from fiction. Statistics, capabilities and limitations are crucial in learning about what the best combination of firearm to utilize for a specific need or application. In addition, there is also the maintenance requirements which are severely overlooked that we address.

The Purpose of Practice

The Purpose of Practice  © 2015 RSI (all rights reserved) A major issue of many firearm buyers is they may go out, on occasion, and plink a bit, even hunt once in a while, or even go through a course to acquire a conceal-carry permit, but as far as “consistently” More >

“The .45ACP and Ballistics Standards – What is best for you”

“The .45ACP and Ballistics Standards – What is best for you” © 2015 Research Solutions, Inc. (All Rights Reserved) The preference of law enforcement department small arms is under a major overhaul. The United States military is in the process of acquiring a new sidearm to replace the present Beretta More >

“Surplus Ammunition – A Great Bargain or a Great Risk?”

“Surplus Ammunition – A Great Bargain or a Great Risk?”   Published – ©2014 Research Solutions, Inc. (all rights reserved)  » To our readers: We do publish many articles that deal with law enforcement, military and government agency issues (such as the United States Department of Defense (DoD), as well More >

The Basics of What You Need When You Purchase a Firearm

  “The BASICS of What You Need When You Purchase a Firearm (There’s more than just the firearm to remember)” Published – ©2014 Research Solutions, Inc. (all rights reserved) When looking for a rifle, pistol or shotgun, typically the casual consumer has some kind of idea of what they are looking More >

Law Enforcement Ammunition – New Commercial Manufactured versus Reloaded Commercial Manufactured

Specific policies and protective regulations dictate the use of ammunition (whether it be rifle, pistol or shotgun ammunition) by law enforcement for a variety of reasons: 1. Safety to the user 2. Physical liability to both the user and the public 3. Target requirements and restrictions 4. Collateral damage 5. More >