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Firearms is an area of focus for our company since we work within the law enforcement and defense contracting fields.

Granted, it is not the typical area seen in fields of those who perform research and development, especially that of fraud and threat assessment; however that is dramatically changing since firearms (both civilian and military) are finally acknowledged as a major “asset” that carries the same weight as any commodity or valuable merchandise. It also plays a major role in the economies of countries. From the actual, physical firearms, to parts and ammunition. All are considered within a realm that requires not only the understanding of a major, dominate industry, but one the constantly changes and evolves. It is a multi-billion dollar industry were sales and production constantly increases. For law enforcement, it is a matter of being able to have a resource to go to learn about the best products and equipment in the firearm forum. For government entities, it is a matter of learning fact from fiction. Statistics, capabilities and limitations are crucial in learning about what the best combination of firearm to utilize for a specific need or application. In addition, there is also the maintenance requirements which are severely overlooked that we address.

“Scopes and Sighting Devices – Part 1”

We have found over the years that individual shooters have focused (no pun intended) their purchases on the firearm they are buying as the primary consideration of the purchase; however when it comes to the accessories, especially that of a scope (if applicable), they will put little to no consideration More >