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Risk Assessment is actually one of the more misunderstood categories and usually is addressed as part of Threat Assessment. Risk Assessment does overlap to some degree, but the real definition of Risk Assessment falls under a number of categories, but usually addresses operations of companies that includes, but is not limited to pursuing a project, client, operation, acquisition, disposition and so-on.

It is a matter of analyzing the pros and cons of a potential project or venture, and the amount of “exposure” or “risk” that the company has the potential of being exposed to.

However, Risk Assessment is blurring with Threat Assessment since the terms are commonly intermixed, and it is believed in the next few years that Risk Assessment will be a sub-section of Threat Assessment. Until that takes place, we will address Risk Assessment as a separate and independent operation.

“Due-Diligence and Validation, Part I”

“Due-Diligence and Validation, Part I” Published – © 2014 Dr. Mark D. Lurie/RSI (all rights reserved)  To start, first we need to know what the term “Due Diligence “means:  Merriam-Webster’s[i] Definition of “Due Diligence” 1:  the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their More >

“Research – What it really takes to Hunt for Valid Information”

In a formal court video closed-door hearing, an Assistant Prosecutor (AP) is performing a direct examination and challenge of a Forensic Expert Witness (EW), whose expertise is in evidence reconstruction. The issue is regarding a potential conflict of interest as well as information supplied to the court by the EW. More >

Online Gaming Frauds – Part1″

“On-line Gaming Frauds – PART-1” Published ©2010-2013 Dr. Mark D .Lurie/RSI (all rights reserved) Published ©2014 Dr. Mark D. Lurie/RSI (all rights reserved) Another area or serious frauds that businesses and consumers alike fall prey to, is internet on-line gaming fraud (e.g. Massive (or Massively) Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games, More >

“People Networking Fraud – Part-2”

“People Networking Fraud – Part-2” Published ©2014 RSI/Dr. Mark D. Lurie (all rights reserved) Published ©2010-2014 RSI/Dr. Mark D. Lurie (all rights reserved)   Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Maven® are just three of literally thousands of contact management sites, business introduction sites and professional referral sites. In essence, all of them More >

“Identity Theft, Business Identity Theft and Ghost Writing Identity Theft – What’s it All About?”

Over the past two decades there has been a serious growth of businesses and “alleged” institutions that offer a plethora of specialized “certifications”. We see so many abbreviations surfacing that are not identified. As an example, there is the “NARSMONISS” (a ten (10) letter abbreviation!) that was used. I couldn’t More >