Dr. Lurie is an experienced speaker of over three decades and has made presentations on frauds, threats and risks to countless organizations over his tenure.
Dr. Lurie’s entire career has addressed nothing but these areas from both an “proactive” educational point of view, as well as developing realistic strategies and methodologies that specifically apply to the needs of the client.
From a small private company, to a global pharmaceutical corporation. From a Fortune 500 company to critical government agencies. The development of truly functional and effective policies and governance operations is a major consideration, but with every governance operation it is critical that all staffing involved truly understand and practice the policies, systems and procedures to “contain” the frauds, threats and risks.
Presentations can be tailored for specific groups or industries, and can be presented as lectures, seminars or workshops to specifically address one or all of the areas within the clients’ needs.
The areas can address a specific department or a total company structure. Dr. Lurie has worked within the domestic and international arena with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, financial institutions and private enterprises to be able to have them clearly identify weaknesses; how to address frauds, threats and risks from a “proactive” methodology WHEN they happen; develop the necessary understanding of the need of a strategy that must constantly adapt and change to meet the challenges of frauds, threats and risks which are totally unique to each and every type of entity; and be able to “mitigate” the damages and effects from such frauds, threats and risks.
The development of strategy and accepted methodology is only one part of educating clients. From Dr. Lurie’s point of view, an analogy of a crystal would be a perfect example of his approach to educating and working with his clients. Each crystal has multiple “facets”. The crystal is the primary entity. The facets are the departments and divisions; however they are all part of the same crystal. If a facet has the potential of being damaged or cracked, it can dramatically effect the “entire” crystal; hence the business or government agency. No matter how strong the other facets are, a single facet that is “flawed” or is “at risk” needs to be addressed “proactively”. This is one of the key methodologies which Dr. Lurie and RSI have developed as their foundation in educating and working with their clients.
Dr. Lurie, as well as all the principals of RSI clearly address there is no “out-of-the-can” solution for ANY business or agency. That companies which perform or produce the same product/service have unique requirements which the same solution for one will NOT work for the other. That government agencies must be transparent with their counterparts in a manner that is adopted, understood, practiced and constantly upgraded.
The programs that can address these needs and solutions can be developed and delivered by RSI to the client in numerous forums and styles. Seminars, lectures and workshops are a small part of the larger picture of an entire entity understanding the needs and demands for a truly functional anti-fraud, threat or risk program that contains a proactive methodology and policy(s); that can produce functional and clearly understandable systems and procedures; and address those who are directly responsible for the maintaining of such anti-fraud, threat or risk programs.
The information supplied by you, as well as the needs and details are considered private and privileged (hereinafter referred to as “Sensitive Information”). Any sensitive information supplied to Research Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “RSI”) shall not be released to any other party or company, and shall strictly be used for the purposes of contacting you/your company to discuss your needs, issues and problems.
The major purpose of this form is giving us permission to contact you, the method you choose us to do it by, and a general (broad) understanding of the type/nature of the issue(s) and/or problem(s) you potentially wish to address. We do not utilize fax contacts due to the lack of security and privacy.