The Purpose of Practice

The Purpose of Practice

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A major issue of many firearm buyers is they may go out, on occasion, and plink a bit, even hunt once in a while, or even go through a course to acquire a conceal-carry permit, but as far as “consistently” utilizing the firearm they have, it may be irregular “at best”.

Now in no way am I classifying all firearm owners as “weekend warriors” or “once in a while” plinkers. Many firearm enthusiasts are actually quite active, on a consistent basis; however we are more interested in those who need to practice, at least once a month.

For those who conceal-carry, it is crucial that practicing should be done frequently and on a consistent basis, especially in the case of utilizing more than one type of firearm-of-choice.

As a Senior Instructor, both for Civilians, LE and in the Government forums, training does not end with initial qualifications. Continuing education with firearms is a matter of practice and learning to be more and more familiar with the firearm being used as well as understanding numerous variables that can make every shot different; every target to be treated differently; and what can be done better by the shooter.

In the case of LE and government forums, the scenarios and threats are constantly being re-evaluated and analyzed. It is a matter of life and death in most circumstances.

Yet, with the casual shooter, to those who carry a concealed firearm, the same common denominator needs to apply – practice.

For the casual shooter it is a matter of “keeping” familiar with the firearm they own; being able to use it properly and as accurately as possible; and to be able to maintain it.

For the concealed-carry owner, it is a matter of learning to utilize it properly; to learn to use it more effectively; to be able to utilize their firearm in scenarios that are different than just shooting at a stationary target once a year.

Practice can including anything from lighting conditions to reloading quickly. The ability to draw from a holster as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To be able to acquire the target, fire and re-establish the target immediately.

There are dozens of stances and positions recommended. Many methods on how to properly hold and target utilizing a firearm, but in the end it is a matter of practical choice.

I am not here to address the cutting edge technologies that exist, or the new firearms and ammunition. I am here to address the need to keep up with, and be as familiar with the firearm you DO own.

It is not a matter of “practice makes perfect”, but ©practice makes you better.


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