RSI™ Welcome Letter

Welcome to Research Solutions, Inc. (RSI™)!

Research Solutions is a specialized research and development firm that is dedicated to helping companies and organizations fight the eternal battle against potential threats and frauds for more than three (3) decades. We address some of the most serious, if not dangerous areas and disciplines that affect individuals, companies, private, public institutions and governmental agencies – nationally and internationally. However, it just doesn’t end there since there are several elements (areas) and collateral areas which play a vital role in frauds and threats which, how they operate, have a direct impact on the success or failure on how we can defend again the cancer of fraud and threats. RSI is comprised not only for anti-fraud and anti-threat research and development, but RSI is made up of, or addresses these other elements.

What does RSI provide?:

  • Getting people, companies, institutions and government agencies out of trouble
  • Keeping people, companies, institutions and government agencies out of trouble with “proactive” planning, policies and strategies
  • Mitigate the damage done to people, companies, institutions and government agencies who have been subjected to a threat, fraud or risk that DID take place
  • Maintain standards and operations of businesses and activities to mitigate the exposure to problems, threats and frauds
  • Develop the best systems and procedures, manual and automated systems available to reduce the effects of threats, frauds and risks WHEN they happen
  • Research, develop and institute strategies and methodologies that can be used to “reduce” threats, frauds and risks
  • We tell the client what they need to hear, not what they “want” to hear
  • Offer monitoring and reporting of financial and business activities that all informative and proactive decisions to be made promptly, not several months later when it’s too late

How does RSI do it? What are the core skills and policies of RSI?:

  • Threat Assessment – The protection of physical assets and human life
  • Fraud Assessment – The protection against frauds in all theatres of operation and the mitigation of the damage it WILL cause WHEN it happens
  • Risk Assessment – Determining the involvement of an individual, company or government agency in a project, operation and resources and the potential risks that such an undertaking WILL be subject to
  • Validation and Authentication – To be able to determine that any commitment of a client to a proposal, personnel, contract, investment, merger, acquisition, project or the like where the client shall be involved in or with is real or misrepresented in any manner. In simple terms, identify, if what is being examined or contemplated is real or not, before committing considerable amounts of time, resources and of course, money
  • Research and Development – The heart of what RSI is all about. Our knowledge, our resource base, our expertise and the disciplines that we have worked in/with for over three decades
  • Proactive planning, methodologies and strategy

What RSI does NOT do:

  • We do not represent any manufacturer, company or government agency, in any industry, were we recommend their product or service to any client of RSI; or where RSI receives any kind of fee, payment, commission, spiff, or consideration or any type from the manufacturer, company or government agency we recommend
  • This has been our core policy for over three decades. We see it happen all the time and, in our opinion, it is nothing less than fraud, and dishonest business practices. We have zero-tolerance when we “identify” such a practice going on within a client’s business as well
  • We do recommend, including, but not limited to specific products, software, hardware, books, publications; however this can/does constantly change if we find something better; that what was previously recommended has changed negatively (e.g. engineering flaw, conflict with software operating systems, software applications and utilities, compromises in security and the like); or that it no longer applies as a workable and logical solution based upon our standards and validation processes
  • RSI does not take any type of payment, other than what has been specifically contracted/retained for by the client in the course of our job/task responsibilities. There are no gifts accepted from a client to any employee or principals of RSI. RSI maintains a strict professional and ethical business relationship with each and every client
  • We do not plagiarize any work product, deliverables or research. If RSI needs to use information that supports research work, statistics or specific claims made by others, credit is given to those individuals, institutions and/or agencies (public or private) without exception
  • On the other hand, RSI does not tolerate the plagiarism of our work product, research or materials of any kind unless “exclusive written permission, in detail is given” by RSI. We refer to our work product to include, but not be limited to white papers, studies, programs, PowerPoint presentations, articles, workbooks, lecture guidelines and programs, streaming videos on numerous topics and disciplines (hereinafter referred to as “Sensitive Materials” or “Intellectual Property”). It is “mandatory” that such written permission be granted by RSI prior to any use or reproduction thereof of any Intellectual Property (including, but not limited to photocopy, and form of mechanical reproduction, sound recording, audio or visual devices and the like) by any individual, company or agency
  • The same applies with disclosure of work product, deliverables and confidential information (hereinafter referred to as “Sensitive Information” or “Intellectual Property”) of our clients. We take the protection of our clients’ personal and confidential information as seriously as we do our own.

RSI, over the course of over three decades, has prepared one of the strongest and perpetually updated Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements (CNA) that we are aware of that benefits BOTH the client and RSI.

We do NOT believe in a “favored” or “top-heavy CNA. The trust, protection and respect level between RSI and its clients MUST be symbiotic

Our policy statement is something we worked on for years, and it would take up a lot of space on this site. Moreover, it would sound like others claims and promises. It would contain a lot historical claims and phrases used by small and large companies alike. What we did instead, is pear it down into something that would make sense to any sized company or just to the individual need of a person:

“RSI has never seen an issue, a problem or a crisis that is too big or too small to address it as “simple”. The perspective of a problem, fraud or threat has been desensitized by the overwhelming frequency of the occurrences of them.”

“With perpetual media coverage, the public, on the whole has become “complaisant” to what happens to others, let alone HOW it happens. Moreover, the public accepts the fact that it just happens and that is the way life is.” 

We don’t.

We do not accept any such issue or crisis, regardless of size or complexity as “simple”. To the person, company or agency it happens to it is a very REAL and PRESENT danger. That translates into something that needs to be mitigated immediately. Not talked about, or discussed over coffee or a nice dinner. Mitigation of a crisis or issue required dedicated and one hundred percent attention to identify, contain and mitigate it. There are no other options or remedies – only the commitment to use best efforts to resolve and mitigate the threat, fraud or risk WHEN it happens. Not “IF” it happens – but “WHEN” it happens.”

From small business accounting and tax issues, to money laundering and trafficking in illegal assets and funds, all issues, all of these problems have the same things in common:

  • They need to be identified
  • Those involved need to be identified and properly dealt with
  • The affects of the problems must be contained, minimized and procedurally dealt with

A lesson must be learned so that the problem (as it happened THIS time) will not happen again the same way. Let there be no illusion that it WILL happen again a different way, but with proper planning, methodology, strategies and implemented systems and procedures we can REDUCE the affects and damages WHEN it happens again

We never expected a website to ever represent what our company and staffing do professionally, let alone a way to even explain the projects, products and services we provide, build and maintain for individuals, companies and government institutions / agencies both nationally and internationally

We were wrong

In the past ten (10) years we have slowly mapped out what we would want to be able to express and convey to potential readers. We even attempted, on more than one occasion to build a website that would do just that, and in each case we failed because such a project required perpetual growth, contributory work and management, and most important perpetually addressing new content. Evaluating the failures, we determined the cause of each attempt, and the subsequent failure had a common denominator, and that was to make a website that would truly represent our company was a full-time task

We are not talking about a few additions to the site each month – an article or two added every so many weeks. We are talking about a commitment to a full-time perpetually-maintained and updated website addressing current issues and events of our disciplines each and every day. This is nothing less than a full-time undertaking and job, and definitely not a one-person responsibility

After 35+ years of experience, we needed to be able to address what we do, and more important what we do NOT do

The decision was made – Welcome to our website and the World of RSI

Best regards,

Dr. Mark D. Lurie, CEO

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